How to get a grip on a world in which physical and digital reality, matter and image, fact and fiction are increasingly merging? Can you still have a grip on such a reality and what does it mean to have grip anyway?

I use materials such as clay, wood, concrete, wire, paper and paint in combination with a simple action like kneading, pulling, pushing or rubbing. Sometimes the result of such an action is visible and sometimes I actually show it in video. My works are images on their way to become an image. They change, keep the options open for a while, looking for possibilities. In my process I often switch back and forth between different media, such as video, sculpture and drawing and between two and three-dimensional, to investigate the relationship between the constructed image and physical reality.

Before I went to study fine arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, I worked for over ten years as an art director in advertising. The process of developping advertising campaigns is a source of inspiration in my practice as an artist. The construction of an image, the framing of a narrative, the desire for control and dealing with grids and rules have become fascinating subjects for me.