Fixing Fiction Friction

Video, loop 3’42 min, 2022

A hand holding a piece of wood is cut by an invisible line, which runs diagonally through the center of the image. The line is the result of a splitscreen that creates a split second time difference between left and right. When the piece of wood is completely stationary, the image seems to be in sync for a moment.

The work plays with the relation of tangible reality and the (digital) image. There’s an interaction between the simple and obvious digital intervention and the action of the hand. The latter seems aware of it and plays with it.

Furthermore, the piece of wood shows the natural notion of time through it’s clearly visible graining, a biological marker of time passing.

As such, the work evokes a sense of dissociation from nature at our own hand, and begs the question whether time is a human construct or part of the natural world.

(Catalogue text UNSEEN/UNBOUND 2023)